Was life ever perfect?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

When we were working on the first episode of the Bread & Beats podcast, a constant thing kept running through our heads. The question we were answering dealt with whether or not life was really “perfect” in the Garden of Eden. That concept made us think about how people deal with the concept of “perfection” in life today. How many people are grinding away in the pursuit of perfection in some facet of their life. Is that really possible, or is it a vain effort that produces the utmost disappointment and bitterness? Are people able to achieve perfection to any degree at all?

When we were making this episode, there were two main things that stood out, proving how the typical human view of “perfection” is VERY distorted compared to the Bible’s presentation about the subject. First, something funny came up in our photo shoot of an apple. We wanted to take a dramatic photo of an apple to promote the podcast on social media, since it’s the quintessential icon of “the fall” in the Garden of Eden. Looking at the photo, the idea that many people have about perfection and imperfection seemed silly. Do we really think that all of the evil and dark things we see in the world today, really came from a fruit? Could it be that the issue is bigger than the fruit? Could it be that the ones who ate the fruit were the issue, not the fruit OR the One who created it? Hmm…

We did a photo shoot of the process of making a smoothie for another project, that became part of Episode 1 of the podcast. When we began, we had to wash each fruit individually. That’s how they came packaged. There’s nothing wrong with eating berries on their own, but really, the big benefit of the smoothie is the bang you get for your buck. You get a ton of nourishment in one glass because when you blend the fruits together. When you blend stuff, you can pack more in the cup, right? So, while there’s some benefit to having the fruit whole, its more nourishing and tastier when it’s all mixed together. But, you essentially have to utterly crush and obliterate the fruit so that you can fit enough in a cup. Then, it’s satisfying from a nutrition and flavor standpoint.

How then can we chase perfection, when something as simple as a smoothie shows that, if you want something good and satisfying, you need to change its original condition to a certain degree? This means that, the original condition of a lot of our nourishment, needs to be transformed before it’s beneficial to us. Think about elderberries. When prepared properly, they are one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet; but in raw form, they’re poisonous!

This simple photo shoot showed us that things aren’t perfect in their natural condition. A dramatic change needs to take place. The problem is, the quality of perfection that a lot of people are chasing, isn’t possible by human means. According to the Bible, we’re a lot like the smoothie. We need to be crushed by God before we can be spiritually nourishing in any sort of way, and that’s when we’re on our way to perfection. That sounds painful, but the photos of the smoothie show that it’s actually quite a beautiful process!

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