The Book of Job - Part 4

Commentaries explaining God's control, human suffering, and the relationship between the two.

Chapters 33-37

Speaking Correctly

Often times, good counsel and wisdom is not received just because of the way it is communicated. Sometimes people can say helpful words, but with a harsh tone, and those helpful words become fruitless. Sometimes people can share helpful truths, but have impure...

May 9, 2019


Job 33:1-7

When God Seems Silent

The manner in which God treats people can be confusing. In one sense, the Bible identifies God as the essence of love. He is merciful, gracious, longsuffering, and gentle. In another sense, the Bible also explains that God is a fair and righteous Judge that punishes sin thoroughly and...

May 10, 2019


Job 33:8-18

Bridging The Gap

The Sistine Chapel contains some of the most famous paintings in human history. One of such paintings, created by Michelangelo, is called “the Creation of Adam.” This painting is an illustration of Adam reclining while reaching out to God. Likewise, God is reaching down to...

May 13, 2019


Job 33:19-33

Bridging The Gap

The Sistine Chapel contains some of the most famous paintings in human history. One of such paintings, created by Michelangelo, is called “the Creation of Adam.” This painting is an illustration of Adam reclining while reaching out to God. Likewise, God is reaching down to...

May 13, 2019


Job 33:19-33

Meaning What We Say

Communication is a difficult thing. Most people are able to talk. Few people are able to properly communicate. Many people are misunderstood all the time. People misinterpret words all of the time. People frequently find it challenging to properly express their words so...

May 14, 2019


Job 34:1-9

Proving God Right

When the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome, he dealt with some exceptionally difficult issues concerning the Lord and the basics of Christian faith. One of the issues that Paul spearheaded dealt with a thought and a question that has plagued the minds of many people...

May 15, 2019


Job 34:10-15

People Of Influence

The scripture state over and over again that the LORD is God and there is no other. He is the Creator of all things. He is the means by which all things exist. All things consist in Him. He is the exclusive source of life, purpose, functionality, wisdom, righteousness, and goodness. He is...

May 16, 2019


Job 34:16-20


How do we know that God can be trusted? The Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith, but the Bible asks the people of God to trust Him for some really difficult things. For example, one of the chief commands that Jesus gave was to, “Deny yourself, take up your...

May 17, 2019


Job 34:21-30

Does God Owe Us Something?

There is a common misconception that when we come to faith in Jesus, we are entitled to certain benefits, comforts, and opportunities in this life. It is true that our lives change when we walk with the Lord, but that doesn’t mean that life will become easier and more comfortable...

May 20, 2019


Job 34:31-37


Sin is a terrible thing. Perhaps the most terrible thing about sin is the subtlety of it in the lives of all people. All sin doesn’t look the same. Some think that sin against God is limited to murder, adultery, and stealing. Jesus dealt with this flawed way of thinking in the Sermon on the Mount...

May 21, 2019


Job 35:1-3

Look Up!

After becoming a Christian, it is common to see an intense zeal and excitement to serve the Lord. Often times people are so enthralled by the revelation that God provides, and seek to do anything and everything they can to serve His purposes. This is a good desire. It is a good thing...

May 22, 2019


Job 35:4-8

Ensuring A Healthy Connection To God

Have you ever wondered why your prayer life might not be as fruitful as some other people make theirs seem, or as the Bible says it should be? Often times we can get into ruts in our prayer life where it feels as if we are speaking up into the air for nothing. It can often feel like...

May 23, 2019


Job 35:9-16

The Goodness Of God Explained

There is a common misconception about God, that He changes according to the way we treat Him. This is contrary to the teaching of the Bible. God doesn’t change. God is constant. That’s what makes Him so awesome! Though as people, we constantly go to and fro with our...

May 24, 2019


Job 36:1-7

Why Is Suffering Good?

When many people come to faith in Jesus Christ, there is an expectation for certain improvements in life. The Bible promises the people of God that we are forgiven of all our offenses and sins against God – past, present, and future. The Bible teaches that we are set free...

May 27, 2019


Job 36:8-12

The Real Choice: Affliction Or Sin

Since suffering comes to everyone – the faithful and the wicked – it is important to make sure we are dealing with our affliction in godly ways. Though suffering may come to us in various ways throughout our lifespan, the Bible reminds us that there are FAR worse things that can...

May 28, 2019


Job 36:13-21

God Is Always Right!

There are a lot of people who question God. There are a lot of people that doubt God. There are a lot of people who disagree with God and contend with Him. However, for all the people that dispute God’s sovereign control and supreme wisdom, can anyone actually prove God is...

May 29, 2019


Job 36:22-23

Remembering God

Once we come to know the Lord, and begin to learn about who He is, what are we supposed to do? Modern culture has accepted the plain standard of consumption. We take in, but don’t dish out to the same degree. We learn, but seldom share and teach. We witness, but seldom disciple...

May 30, 2019


Job 36:24-33

Thunder And Lightning

There are a lot of people who say they will do something, but fail to get it done. These people might have good intentions and priorities to do the things they say, but the unpredictable variables of life often prohibit people from getting things done. People make both simple and...

May 31, 2019


Job 37:1-5

Absolute Control

The power of God is shown every day, and yet the Bible explains that we as people seldom recognize it. The Bible shows that God frequently reminds His people of His identity as the Creator of all things. Usually when God refers to His power and control as Creator, it is with the...

June 3, 2019


Job 37:6-13

Stand Still

When life gets hard, how are we to respond? Some people respond to difficulty by fighting back. The old saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” These people often pride themselves in being busy to work through the pain and “pull themselves up by their...

June 4, 2019


Job 37:14-18

How Good Is God?

It is a miracle that anyone knows anything about God at all. The Bible does a sufficient job to explain the magnitude of God’s greatness and glory. However, the human brain is not able to fully comprehend who God really is. For example, one of the most basic attributes of God is His...

June 5, 2019


Job 37:19-24

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