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Jehovah Tsidkenu

The Branch To Perfection

Getting To Know God

The LORD Our Righteousness - The Branch - The Root Of David - The Impeccable Righteousness Of God

The chief issue with the human race is stated in Psalm 14:2 and Romans 3:10 – None are righteous. No, not one. This means that no one is acceptable in the eyes of God. This means that no one is worthy or qualified to dwell with God in His presence. This means that no one is able to go to heaven. The only other alternative is hell! This is a MASSIVE problem indeed, and it’s one that EVERY human being faces. Thankfully, the Bible teaches that God addressed this problem by Himself. Since He knows that we cannot muster up anything pleasing in His sight because of our sinful nature, He revealed Himself as Jehovah Tsidkenu. He becomes our righteousness on our behalf, and the manner in which He offers His perfectly pure brand of righteousness in order to address the issue that keeps us from His kingdom, is very specific. God’s righteousness is only available through one channel – from the Branch of God, which produces fruit that can only come from God, also known as the Root of David and the Messiah of Israel. This month we’ll look at how God reveals His perfect righteousness through His Messiah, Jesus Christ, in order to address the issue of our spiritual depravity.

Photo Concepts

We've studied the Bible, then gone out into the world, looking for subjects and scenes that we think help explain the complex and abstract things about God. Learn about God's attributes through our camera lens, and also enjoy some of the additional insights and background stories.

The Root Of Goodness

Food For Thought

Food has always been a big part of what we do in a variety of ways. Food has also been a big part of how God teaches complex things about Himself. So, we adopted His model, and used our connection with food to help explain Biblical principles.

Clear Water

Bible Commentary

Thirty Biblical passages that explain who God is, and short explanations to help it all make sense and connect. Available in both text format and audio format, which includes fun background music.

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