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Jehovah Shalom

Perfect Justice, Peace & Praise

Getting To Know God

The LORD Our Peace - The Prince Of Peace - The Just Judge - The Praise Of God - The Perfection Of God

The concept of peace in our world today is a difficult subject. While people and groups have diligently worked to try and create peace where there is tension and strife in the world, the condition of the world today is a compelling testament to the absolute failure of the human race. According to the Bible, peace only comes from God, and only comes by specific work that God does, through a specific channel. In this study, we'll examine God's identity as the source of all kinds of peace: peace from conflict, peace of mind, freedom from fear, rest from contention. The scriptures teach that God reveals Himself as the chief source of peace, by referring to Himself as "the LORD Our Peace." Scripture shows that Jehovah Shalom is also the Prince of Peace, and the administration of His peace comes through the administration of His perfect judgements. The name Jehovah Shalom will show that God's impeccable judgments remove that which is contrary to His perfect nature, which then allows His people to have peace, provoking the praises that He alone deserves.

Photo Concepts

We've studied the Bible, then gone out into the world, looking for subjects and scenes that we think help explain the complex and abstract things about God. Learn about God's attributes through our camera lens, and also enjoy some of the additional insights and background stories.

A Passion For Peace

Food For Thought

Food has always been a big part of what we do in a variety of ways. Food has also been a big part of how God teaches complex things about Himself. So, we adopted His model, and used our connection with food to help explain Biblical principles.


Bible Commentary

Thirty Biblical passages that explain who God is, and short explanations to help it all make sense and connect. Available in both text format and audio format, which includes fun background music.

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