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Jehovah Sabaoth - The Fear Of God's Total Control
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Armies Of The Universe
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Forms, Creates, Declares, Treads

For behold, He who forms mountains, and creates the wind, Who declares to man what his thought [is], and makes the morning darkness, Who treads the high places of the earth--The LORD God of hosts [is] His name.

Amos 4:13

The extent of God’s control and ability is made clear in the scriptures. The prophet Amos taught that God is able to use anything in this world as His army, because He has control as the Creator. He’s able to use any person or group of people as His soldier, or army, because He has influence over our thinking, and motives, from the spirit realm. God is highly exalted above all things so that all things are clear before Him, at the disposal of His transcendent hand. The God who gives life to all things, is able to use that life, for His purposes at all times, in various ways. So, fear should provoke the humility we need to have when we meet our Maker!

Forms, Creates, Declares, TreadsProper Knowledge
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Armies Of The Universe

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