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Sweet Water

The concept of God as our “healer” different than many people think. The first time God’s mentioned as a “Healer,” He changed the condition of water from polluted to drinkable, thereby enabling His people to live as they wandered through the wilderness. That testimony revealed other important images that teach us who God is as our Healer. He’s the Rock of salvation. He brings salvation through living waters. He expresses His wisdom though His healing by showing He knows the root of our problems, and has the power to address them properly. The scriptures show that, those who drink the pure water of healing that God provides, are satisfied in the soul. When we talked about this concept, it made sense to take a photo of someone drinking water; but since God’s purification and satisfaction is so great, we found a pool to show someone having their thirst quenched with something greater than a cup!


Medicated By Mercy

The Bible shows that, people of faith, sought the LORD for more than physical healing. Those who sought the LORD with understanding, knew that God’s healing was greater than the ability to heal the body. Men and women of God sought His healing to address the soul. The Bible explains that, when we are spiritually healed by God, we’re able to accept that, the physical condition of our bodies, doesn’t matter. Illustrating this concept was fun! People often depend on manmade substances to deal with the body – vitamins, medications, supplements and so forth. The scriptures show that God’s mercy is sufficient to heal the body and the soul. So, to show a dramatic illustration of someone desiring God’s healing more than the superficial healing medicine provides, we capture this cool action shot of someone swatting various pills. This isn’t to suggest that we should all throw our medicines away, but instead, to illustrate that the greater form of true healing comes by God’s mercy, not man’s concoctions that merely suppress symptoms. One day, God’s mercy, and the full benefits of His healing, will make it so that we can all swat away everything made with human hands, when we enjoy the benefits of His spiritual restoration in eternal life!


Proof On The Third Day

When God created our planet, He created an amazing phenomenon that keeps our planet functionally producing fruit – rain. Rain is a critical component to life in this world. The rain of our world nourishes the ground so that it is able to reproduce. When winter depletes the ground of nutrients, the rain of springtime heals the land so that it’s able to produce fruit once again. God compared the quality of His healing to that of rain. The prophet Hosea explained that, God is the cause of both pain and the restoration that comes from it. He causes pain to achieve one result, but that pain is never in excess so that the essence of His promises are compromised. God never allows His people to endure pain that He is unable to heal by the miracle of His restoration. The same God that created the rains to restore and replenish the planet, is the same God that exercises His power and wisdom to restore and replenish our souls after He’s let us get depleted for a time. Illustrating this concept seemed simple enough – photograph rain. Capturing rain in Southern California is easier said than done though. Thankfully, we were ready with camera in hand on this rainy day, able to capture the pools of water that the rain formed. It was awesome to see how the rain pooled up, illustrating the overwhelming quality of healing God brings. It was also awesome to see how the drops of rain created little sparkles, highlighting the sun from above. We thought this was also fitting to describe the LORD’s healing. When our souls are touched by the living water He provides, it can cause a twinkle in us as the Light of the Son impacts our lives through the outpouring of His Spirit.


Healed By Spilled Blood

When the Father revealed Himself as Healer to the children of Israel in the wilderness, He sustained them by providing water from the rock. That was only a prophetic picture of the work He would do later when He took the form of flesh as Jesus Christ. At the Last Supper, Jesus explained that, those who desire eternal life, are to “drink His blood.” That seems like a weird thing to say, but simple when we put the full counsel of teaching together. Jesus is the Rock that produces living water to heal our souls – transforming them from corrupt and polluted, to incorrupt and pure. Instead of water pouring out of Jesus, He shed His blood as a sacrifice that atoned for all sin. Later, the Apostle John emphasized the gushing of a water and blood mixture when His side was pierced, confirming His death, and the price of sin, paid in full. The concept of water and blood was an interesting concept to us, especially seeing how Jesus used the elements of the Passover to explain His purpose, and the result of His work. Jesus took the cup of wine and blessed it as an illustration of Him being the fulfillment of the New Covenant promises of the Father. We took a wine cup of water and poured wine in it. We felt that capturing the splash and mixture of the wine in water, was a compelling image as it pictured the water mixed with blood that spewed from His side at His death. The mixture in the glass looks horrible, but the healing of our souls couldn’t take place unless Jesus did the work that this horror show symbolizes…


The Spiritual Rock

The Bible plainly teaches that the water from which God brought water to sustain the children of Israel in the wilderness, was a prophetic picture of Jesus Christ. He is the source of pure water that nourishes and satisfies. However, if you think this through, the water source that the Israelites drank from, must have been pretty big if all of them were given water to drink. When we thought about this, we realized that the rock from which the water came didn’t have to be big, because God is not dependent on size and scope to do great things. At the same time, the water itself had to be abundant enough to meet the need. We searched long and hard for a location to take this photo. We scouted many places that had normal sized rocks, but lots of rushing water flowing through them. We really wanted to capture the movement of water flowing out of and through the rocks. We really wanted to capture an abundant source of water that also looked peaceful and serene. That’s not an easy thing to do in Southern California. Finally, after much prayer and many failed attempts, the LORD provided this location, this opportunity, this awesome lighting, this abundant source of flowing water that looked clean and refreshing – just like Him!

Sweet Water

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