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Separated From Labor
Separated For Victory
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Consecrated Currency

King David also dedicated these to the LORD, along with the silver and gold that he had brought from all [these] nations--from Edom, from Moab, from the people of Ammon, from the Philistines, and from Amalek.

1 Chronicles 18:11

The scriptures teach that the Lord sanctifies His people by exercising His holy power and authority to separate His people from sin. This enables His people to dwell in His presence, provoking pure worship, honoring God’s grace and goodness. David, a man separated unto God’s purposes, separated himself and all that He possessed for God’s purposes, not selfish ambition. David took the spoils of God’s victories and kept them to be used for God’s purposes. Eventually, those resources were used to build the temple in Jerusalem, enabling God’s presence to dwell with the people in a way that encouraged them to praise God, and obey His commands. That’s worship!

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Separated From Labor

Jehovah Mekoddishkem

Separated For Victory

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