Getting To Know God

His name is...

El Elyon

The Most High God - Melchizedek The Great High Priest - The Goodness of God - The Preeminent Transcendence of God


Blessed Forever

You are fairer than the sons of men; grace is poured upon Your lips; therefore God has blessed You forever. Gird Your sword upon [Your] thigh, O Mighty One, with Your glory and Your majesty.

Psalm 45:2-3

God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are eternal in nature because God is eternal in nature. This means that “the Blessing” He promised would have to be eternal as well. King David recognized the eternal glory, greatness, and beauty of “the Blessing.” David wrote that God “blessed” the Messiah King of Israel forever, thus confirming the eternal nature of God’s Blessing/Messiah. The grace, power, glory, and majesty of God all come from the Messiah, the Blessing of Israel. This sort of Blessing is truly unique, transcendent, and the epitome of God’s goodness to all the families of the earth – from now until forever!

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