Getting To Know God

His name is...

El Elyon

The Most High God - Melchizedek The Great High Priest - The Goodness of God - The Preeminent Transcendence of God


Access To The Most High

Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine; he [was] the priest of God Most High.

Genesis 14:18

God is exalted FAR above all. His glory, goodness, and authority are immeasurable. The problem is, if God is so transcendent, how can anyone approach Him to gain His benefits? God had a plan! Abraham met a Man named Melchizedek, the King of Salem, referring to His government over “peace.” Melchizedek was the priest of God - the One appointed by God to connect God to His people. If not for Melchizedek in this instance, Abraham would not have had access to honor God. To approach the transcendent goodness and peace of God, we all need One anointed to stand before us. Here, He’s called Melchizedek. Later, He’ll be called Jesus!

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