Proper Knowledge Initiative

With so many opinions about God and Christianity, we're here to show what the Bible really says about who God is. We just do it a little different...

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Bible Studies

Short audio and video Bible studies, explaining the identity and character of the One True Living God, verse-by-verse, word-by-word

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The Bible is filled with symbolic images to help explain who God is. We've taken that concept, and are constantly taking photos that help explain the truth of scripture.

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Ministry Blog

We're a small ministry doing a ton of work. We encounter A LOT along the way. This is the place where we share our behind-the-scenes experience as a family.

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Clean Music

Our use of music and music-related gifts to encourage Godly living for the electronic music, beat-maker, and DJ cultures.

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Study Guides

Lots of different types of materials available for download to help your small groups, life groups, or other Bible studies in both topical and expository form.



Help support the work of our ministry and check out our store where you can find original music, books, and also photography prints of various sizes for your home and/or office.