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How Did He Do That?

It’s hard to find an image that fully captures the essence of Genesis 1:1. When approaching the name Elohim, we knew that it’s really impossible to fully understand God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So, we knew that God’s nature as “wonderful,” or “difficult to understand” had to be a focal point. God made a lot of odd creatures, but one of the most difficult to understand, that we had access to photography, is the jellyfish. It has no eyes, or easily recognizable mouth, but it eats and moves with ease. It has no brain but hunts and reproduces. You can see right through it, yet it’s a solid mass. Yet, this weird thing was made manifest by the power of God’s Word. If it’s hard to imagine that, try to image the One who made it happen!


Intimate LOVE

This photo was a total accident! After driving several hours the first time to Cambria, only to take a photo that took a few minutes, we decided we needed to go back and see what that place was like during the day. After a long time in traffic, we arrived to Moonstone Beach just as the sun was beginning to set. We got out to walk the beach just to stretch our legs, and happened to see this couple standing by the water, staring out into the ocean. The heavy fog and lens filter made for some cool colors, but the positioning of that couple to be silhouetted and lost in their gaze at the horizon was a pretty compelling moment. They are two people, but in the silhouetted cast by “the light” they are one. Their shadows merged into one because of the embrace of the husband. The scene communicated peace and joy. Get it? 



In Isaiah 54:5, the Bible describes the children of Israel, and all of God’s people for that matter, as our “Husband.” We decided to run with that concept. We wanted to communicate the oneness that God desires to have with us through the traditional ideas of a husband. It was very tricky to try and get the ring in focus, with the couple in the background framed by the ring, in focus just enough to make out their form. Keeping the ring steady wasn’t easy. At least the couple got to stand in the shade on this day that was nearing 100 degrees in temperature!


Unique Oneness

The Gospel of John presents so really tough truths about God, that are simple enough to read, but hard to fully digest. The Apostle John didn’t waste time presenting some of these incomprehensive points. He immediately dove into the truth about Jesus as God in flesh. To capture this idea, we had to combine a few different truths that helped support the one truth John was writing about. God is love, so we wanted to use the shape of a heart to illustrate that point. God is creator, so we wanted to find a heart shape in nature somehow. Jesus is the physical reflection of the glory of the Father, so we wanted to use water to reflect our shape. This was a very complicated idea, but with a tight budget and minimal time, the LORD provided wisdom. We look some leaves that had the heart shape and placed them over a pan that we filled with water. It took a while to get the light just right so that the reflection could appear clear, but the patience God provided helped us get the result we were looking for.


Pouring Out The Love

Finding an image for days 21-24 of our daily devotional was challenging. We couldn’t come up with any ideas for any one of the scriptures we were addressing on those days. We did see though, that the group of days were working together to conclude at Romans 5:8. God poured out His love through sacrifice. That sacrifice was sufficient to provide sweet benefits experienced by the Holy Spirit. These results were powerful, unique, nourishing, precious, relished. When we thought of these adjectives, we thought of food. Putting the thought of “sweet” with the image of blood, cherries came to mind. They’re not always available, so are relished in that sense. When you cut them, they bleed. So, we framed the photo here, putting the cut cherries in front to show how the LORD was spilled open, but that drinking of His essence provides sweet nourishment to the soul, sufficient to satisfy. That’s how love is demonstrated.


The Deep Things Of God

This was another bonus image from our second Cambria trip. We went back out there to get photos of the vineyards, but seeing all of the fog that kept coming in every morning and early evening, made us wonder what kind of creative shots we could get at the ocean. Knowing that we were trying to communicate the incomprehensive nature of God, we put the fog together with the ocean horizon to figure it would be a compelling image to illustrate how undefinable and unquantifiable God’s ways and work-processes are. Sure, the Word provides a lot of detail about what God will do and how He will do it, but it isn’t always easy to understand. We thought this image communicated that idea well. Here, someone sits, looking at an ocean that you know has an end, but can’t see; looking at water you know is there, but can’t find; hearing familiar sounds but can’t see the source. Thankfully, regardless of what we can see or fully comprehend, we can rest assured of what other senses tell us because we’re settled on the Rock.

How Did He Do That

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