Getting To Know God

His Name Is...

El Olam

The Everlasting God - The Word Of God - The Greatness Of God - The Immutable God


Stuck In His Ways

Remember, O LORD, Your tender mercies and Your loving kindnesses, for they [are] from of old.

Psalm 25:6

One of the fears that often comes into our minds is, which sin will be the last straw for God that causes Him to condemn us to hell? We make so many mistakes. Which one is, “the one?” This sort of thinking is why it’s so important to know God’s eternally unchanging nature. The LORD is Yahweh. He is not affected or influenced by anything around Him. As He was in the past, He is today, and will be forever. Sure, God’s greatness is shown in His power to create and destroy, but also in His mercy and patience. His ability to wait long times for the effects of His work to take place in our lives is unparalleled! Our mistakes don’t change God’s nature.

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