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Acces To The Most High

When reading the contents of Genesis 14:18, the obvious images that stood out to us were the bread and wine that Abraham offered to Melchizedek. It was not only that Melchizedek was present as a prophetic picture of Christ, but the offering that Abraham gave to Melchizedek was a prophetic picture too! So we tried to think of a way to photograph bread and wine in the form of an offering, but as a prophetic picture. Looking at the shapes of bread and wine, and the manner in which they are often served, we saw that it was possible to use the shadows of those items to form a cross. So, we set out to present that which the Bible proclaims: That Jesus (Melchizedek in the Old Testament) is the Bread of life and celebratory drink offering of God’s people, connecting us to the Father through the very direct and specific display of light, climaxing at the cross.


Everyone Will Know

Praising The LORD Most High

When thinking about God as “the Most High,” it can sometimes be hard to understand the magnitude of that statement.  The reason why is because, we as people are often consumed in small things. Our perspective doesn’t always allow us to see the truth of our position compared to God’s. When looking at Psalm 83:18, and knowing that God’s authority was being communicated in the context of judgment, we knew it was important to show God’s supremacy over manmade icons and things. Being local to Los Angeles, we knew that the right sort of landscape/cityscape could communicate that. Los Angeles has an iconic cityscape, filled with some of the world’s top financial institutions, fashion districts, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, the Rams and the Chargers, and the neighbor of Hollywood. Our aim in this photo was to show that iconic cityscape, but paling in comparison to the vast landscape of the sky that engulfs it. On this particular day, the LORD also showed that beauty of His creation is FAR more colorful, complex and breathtaking than the concrete and steel structures made by us.


Goodness Is Greater

Proving His Position

When the Bible describes God’s mercy, it doesn’t always appear to be a good thing. The basis of mercy requires us to understand that God is restraining Himself from judging us. Looking at Jeremiah’s experience with this in Lamentations Chapter 3, it was clear that, though God’s Word was speaking one thing about the current circumstances of Jeremiah, it was with the intents of changing those circumstances to produce a universally-good effect. It showed us that, even though we can hear and see God’s Word, how the eternal nature of His purposes connects to our current circumstances, isn’t always clear. In other words, God’s Word is tangible and visible, but sometimes foggy. God’s Word is powerful, but sometimes can seem intangible. We thought of mist or fog. It is a clear substance that comes from our mouths to add form to breath that is usually invisible. Still, the mist of our breath isn’t something that can be grasped or fully understood. Getting this shot wasn’t easy! Waiting for the right weather and circumstances to produce foggy breath is hard, especially when your model is your 9-year old.


The Model Christian

Darkness Cannot Comprehend

When the Bible describes the humility of John the Baptist, it uses language that is sometimes hard to connect to in our modern culture. However, the typical Biblical image of humility and submission is pretty clear. When looking at the description of John’s humility in response to his understanding of Jesus’ identity and purpose, it was clear that God wants ALL of His people to humble themselves in like fashion. When we receive the revelation of God’s goodness and mercy, He expects us to bow down to Him in our hearts, laying down our personal desires and ambitions in order to be used as servants of His eternal kingdom and instruments of His perfect righteousness. There’s not a more dramatic way to show that idea than having a person bow down at the feet of another. Let this image be a reminder of how we should all present ourselves to the One who died in order to save us from hellfire. He is certainly worthy of this, and so much more!


The Ultimate Middle Man

The Ultimate Middle Man

When we think of God, heaven, and eternity, it is common to look in an upward direction. The Bible speaks of heaven as being “up” in the air. The Bible pictures the kingdom of God as beyond the clouds in our sky. So when we look up, we’re looking in the right direction! When Paul wrote to Timothy about there being only one “Mediator,” it was kind of a tricky situation to show a connection from heaven to the LORD in an upward direction. While thinking about this image for weeks, we found the idea while doing some backyard gardening. In our backyard, we have a plant that was planted by our grandma, that is literally called the “Crown-of-thorns” or “Christ-plant.”


Looking at the thorns coming off of these stems that are crazy-sharp and dangerous, but watching how they bloomed into these crimson red flowers all over, made us think that the name of the plant was fitting. We knew then, that with the right perspective, we could illustrate the point of 1 Timothy 2:5. So, we set out to take a photo looking up, into the clouds, but through the perspective of the thorns, showing that the means by which we connect to the heavens, is by the work Christ did on the cross to take our sin upon Himself. We used a macro lens to emphasize a few things. We wanted to show the points of the thorns in detail, but also in shadow. While the crucifixion was necessary, it was not the end of Jesus’ ministry. We sprayed the plant with water to add the sense of moisture, life, and highlights on the plant itself. We left one of the red flowers in perspective leading into the sky to show that the crimson blood of Christ is the only way to get into the clouds of our heavenly Father.

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Praising The LORD Most High

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