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Nothing Compares

With what shall I come before the LORD, [and] bow myself before the High God? Shall I come before Him with burnt offerings, with calves a year old?

Micah 6:6

Nothing is exalted higher than God in glory, power, or wisdom. Yet, as holy and exalted as God is, He doesn’t keep Himself from His people. He bestows AMAZING benefits according to His mercy. When God spoke to the prophet Micah, He reminded him about the good things He did to save Israel from the bondage of Egypt, provide leadership by Moses, destroy Israel’s enemies, and reveal the glory of His righteousness. Micah replied, confessing the immeasurable goodness of God, admitting there’s nothing anyone can do to match Him. There is no gift or sacrifice we can offer to thank Him that is really worthy of His goodness.

Nothing ComparesProper Knowledge
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