Getting To Know God

The One True Living God of the Bible

Want to know who God really is and what He's really about? Let Him speak for Himself...

Discover who the God of the Bible is according to His own revelation, according to the truth of His own Word. Each month, a different name of God explained through the careful and contextual examination of scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, day-by-day.

The Eternally Self-Existing, Self-Sustaining, Creator & Controller of all things in heaven and Earth as Glorious Light!

The Incomprehensibly Majestic God of LOVE, manifested as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

The everlasting greatness of God's eternally unchanging Word

The almighty omnipresence of God as the LION of the tribe of Judah

The most highly exalted, transcendent goodness of God through Melchizedek

The promised SEED of God, Who provides grace through intercession

The omniscient Rock of Salvation, and wise Healer

The Just Judge Who brings peace through perfected praise

The Goodness Of God's Suffering As Our Merciful Shepherd

The Worship of God's Holy Presence As Our Purifier

The Perfection Of God's Righteousness As The Branch & Root Of David

The Terrifying Providential Control Of God As The LORD Of Armies


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