Good Intents, Bad Results

Job 4:1-6

February 1, 2019

The Bible teaches that the devil is a deceiver and the father of lies. The challenge that we face as people is that it is exceptionally difficult to recognize the devil’s craftiness. If not for God exposing the patterns of the devil’s work in scripture, we would have no basis of understanding how the devil tries to trick and destroy. For example, when the devil deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, he was able to make her thing that her actions of disobedience were actually good. The devil played on Eve’s passions and convinced her that pursuing her passions would result in her being like God Himself. In the mind of Eve, how could it be bad to be like God? The Bible reveals that the devil is often able to manipulate the intentions of people that seem harmless, or might even be noble, and use them for destructive purposes, often times without his tools knowing they’re being used for evil.

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