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Daily Devotional

One. True. Living.

The God of the Bible

Using scripture to identify God's names, attributes, purposes and promises

Discover how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit describe themselves in the Word.

Who is God?

He is

El Elyon...

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Daily Devotional for the month of December...

One of the most understated facts about God is His supremacy. Often times, as people, we feel that we can work according to our own ability and wisdom to please God because we’re not considering the true nature of His superiority. When the scriptures describe God as “the Most High God,” the scriptures are describing a quality of transcendence and authority that is unparalleled. This means that no one can freely approach God. He’s too high up to reach! How then can anyone dwell in His presence in heaven? Thankfully, the incomparability of God doesn’t affect His goodness. His goodness is defined in that, while He is immeasurably exalted above all, He is willing to help. This month, we’ll examine God’s identity as El Elyon in the following ways:

God's Name: El Elyon

God's Title: The Most High God

God's Identity: Melchizedek, The Great High Priest

God's Nature: Uniquely Good

God's Attribute: Preeminence/Transcendence