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Episode #32

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We love competition, don’t we? In our culture today, we push competition for everything, not just sports. If we fail in competition, we can learn from mistakes and grow. If we succeed in competition, we often use that success to measure our own excellence, but is any of this Biblical?

Competition is such a normal way of life these days in so many ways, that it’s crazy to see how the scriptures address some of these things. Brandon aka B.side plays a French, Tech, Minimal Deep House DJ set in the back, while we talk about what the LORD says about our attitudes in these areas of our life. If you want to make sure you’re living right in His eyes, don’t miss out on this episode.

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So, like the faith-filled pastor that I am, I continued on with full assurance and confidence, settling James’ nerves with timely quotations of scripture. NOPE! That’s not how it went at all...


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